Prasann Patel

Cinematographer, Director

Prasann Patel is a Cinematographer and Director at Baat Cheet Films. With over 10 years of experience in filmmaking, including, but not limited to corporate videos, brand films, and weddings, Prasann brings a unique point of view to his work. Specializing in emotionally engaging films, he’s skilled in telling the story through the lens of those most closely affected.
Prasann is also a photographer, he has been making images for most of his life, but professionally since 2009. His experience in photography range from fashion, corporate, event, portraiture and social documentary.


Aasttha Khajuria

Producer, Creative Director

Aasttha Khajuria is the Creative Director and Producer at Baat Cheet Films. Her background in Marketing and Client Services helps her work with clients in understanding their needs in a campaign from a logistical and strategic point of view; moreover, her strengths in conceptualizing and building a strong story along with Prasann allow this duo to answer the many questions that each unique project asks.
Aasttha is also a Kathak dancer and has been professionally dancing in Canada since 2004. She is an active member and supporter of the arts in Edmonton and is a board member of the Edmonton Arts Council.